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Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA

About This Game

Title: GUTS Game PLAZA Download
Genre: Action, Casual, IndieSports
Developer: Flux Game Studio
Publisher: Flux Game Studio
Release Date: 15 Nov, 2017

Downloading the GUTS game is a funny and very rough trait that has the style of Tarantino, and game members must only think about removing and destroying each other. The war continues until only a few drops of blood remain, and it continues until the final winner is determined. The Flux Game studio has been responsible for developing and publishing the game. Downloading the GUTS game has a lot of creativity and genius over its titles. You will not have a tape in your GUTS game. The fighters must make their opponent’s hands and feet and completely eliminate it from the list of fighters with a final blow. So an empty punch and kick is not answerable to you, and you have to get your opponent so that he can not get into the whole. There are several ways to destroy your enemies, most notably the use of GUTS special moves. These moves are the exclusive unlocking attacks of any person who, with their own stomp, interrupts a competitor’s part. Another way is to win, use disasters and traps in the battlefield. Each battle stage has its own special traps that have different behaviors and are completely destroyed when your enemy hits it. Imagine a turbulent world in which the media are considered to be healthy and peaceful people of high levels of violence. Violence has been released on television and fighters have become famous people whose focus is on the world. Destruction of your rivals in a live and real plan may not be normal, but you can experience it with many comedies included.

GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) is a hilarious ultra-violent Tarantino-style over-the-top game where players must dismember each other by chopping off arms and legs. Lost a limb or two? Worry not, the fight continues even when there are just two little stumps, and it keeps going until one fighter emerges victorious after dismembering all the opponent’s four limbs and landing a final blow!

GUTS brings many innovations – concerning the other fighting games currently in the market. GUTS doesn’t have a Health Bar. Fighters must rip off their foes’ arms and legs and deliver a final dismembering blow to win. So it’s useless to keep kicking and punching your way around: you must dismember to win.

There are a few different ways to dismember: the main method are the GUTS Moves, special unblockable attacks that rip off a limb when they connect. The second way to dismember is another unique feature in GUTS: the Hazards, or Traps. Each stage has specific traps, with distinct behaviours, that dismember the fighters when they touch them.

Imagine a hyper consumerist society in 2067 where a scientist discovers that people who get exposed to high levels of violence on TV are healthy and peaceful. Violence on TV is allowed and fighters become the major celebrities in the world! Dismembering your oponents in a reality show doesn’t seem the most normal thing in the world, but try to imagine this violence mixed with an over the top humor.

Each one of the 9 characters has their own story and a reason to be at GUTS. Put a hell of a fitness father to fight against a pricess who is also the world’s most popular Eating Sports Athlete and a true spokesperson for the Yummy Fatty eating trend and keep the audience and GUTS’ showrunner entertained, otherwise he can add some surprises to the fight, like disabling heal or defense moves! Everything is allowed to keep the show entertaining for the spectators and players!

• Unique dismemberment mechanics – fight with what you’ve got!
• Fun gameplay for every player – even if you have no skill at all
• No need to memorize long input lists – quarter circles for the win!
• Moves and Special Attacks change according to how many limbs the character has left;
• U-Points system – used to unleash a few special movements: heal and recover a lost limb;
• 9 unique and hilarious characters with rich background stories
• 8+ hours of single-player gameplay to unlock all 18 endings – 2 per character
• Online Gameplay – Challenge players around the world (Still in Beta to test it community-wide!)
• Original soundtrack dynamically adapts to limbs left in a match
• Several funny party game modes
• Use fallen limbs as weapons;
• Interact with awesome environments full of hazards that can cause as much harm as an opponent;
• No fight timer – the show gets harsher as the match progresses with more hazards to escalate the stakes at the end of the bout;
• Over-the-top humor for a genuine hilarious experience;
• Extras: Unlockables, Skins, Videos, Soundtrack

Gameplay Sreenshots

GUTS PC Game Screenshots

Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA

Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA

Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA

Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA

Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA

Free Direct Download GUTS For PC Full Version Of PLAZA


Watch The Trailer Of GUTS Game

System Requirements

Match Your System Requirements Before Direct Download GUTS For PC


    • OS: Windows 8.1 64 bits
    • Processor: Intel or AMD 3.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: With this setup, gameplay may run at an average 30 FPS and menus may present lower performance


    • OS: Windows 8.1 64bits
    • Processor: Intel or AMD 3.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 2gb
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Gameplay should run at 60 FPS with setups similar to this

Installation Guide

Installation Instructions Of GUTS PLAZA Version

1) Be aware that your antivirus is completely inactive.
2. Extract the compressed files by WinRar and run the ISO file obtained after the Extract using the Daemon Tools software.
3) Install the game.
4) Replace the files in the PLAZA folder at the game installation location.
5) Enjoy playing the game.

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